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Standard Scope of Services

  1. Routing Plan: Work with landplanner, engineer, and any other consultants to develop a plan for the location of the golf course and residential elements with the intent that all elements of the plan are coordinated.
  2. Centerline Staking Plan: This plan will be used by the surveyor to stake the golf centerlines in the field.
  3. Conceptual Golf Course Design Plans: Work with the client to develop the indented character for the golf course. These plans are part of the design process and can not be used for construction. Should the timing of the construction be critical, these plans may be used by the golf course contractor to begin the rough excavation and placement of the earthwork; however, they can not be used for the construction of the design features.
  4. Golf Hole Construction Plans: Final detailed construction and grading plans for each hole at a scale of 1 inch = 50 feet.
  5. Green Plans: Construction plans for each green at a scale of 1 inch = 30 feet.
  6. Irrigation Plan: Work with Owner's irrigation consultant or subcontract irrigation design to professional golf course irrigation designer. Coordinate with irrigation consultant during design and construction.
  7. Grassing Plan: Detailed specifications of grasses to be used and exact locations.
  8. Construction Cost Estimate: Line item detail and breakdown of golf course construction cost.
  9. Interview and Recommend Contractors for Bidding the Project.
  10. Prepare Bid Documents and Invitations: Prepare detailed specifications and bid documents, distribute to qualified bidders, receive and recommend to Client.
  11. Site Visits by Architect and Staff: Architect or qualified staff member to review progress of work on a periodic basis. The number of site visits varies with each project and will be determined prior to contract approval.
  12. Review Contractor Monthly Payment Requests.
  13. Consultation With Golf Superintendent: Consult with client's superintendent during the grow-in of the golf course to ensure the golf course design characteristics and character are maintained.

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