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Eagle Landing GC designed by Clyde Johnston, ASGCA

Design Services

Golf Course Architects perform their work generally on how they learned their trade. Some Architects prefer to design in the field and offer very little in terms of plans, details and specifications, while others provide varying degrees of plans and details. We have the ability to work both ways depending on the needs of the client and project.

My  preferred way of designing and building a golf course is to be hands-on from the very beginning, handling both the design and construction from start to finish. I do not own a construction company and do not own or lease any equipment. My method involves assembling talented individuals and subcontracting various parts of the work to specialized companies whom I coordinate and direct during the course of construction. This means that I am on-site full time during construction and completely focused on the day to day details.

I also have the ability to provide very detailed plans, specifications and construction details. This ability to provide detailed plans works well where sophisticated plan submissions and permits are required for construction. My construction site visits are focused on the aesthetic interpretations of the construction plans and making sure the golf course fits the site in a natural manner. This method works well for the client who has a tight budget for design and construction.

Other services I provide include:

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