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Role of the Golf Course Architect

The design of new golf courses, as well as the remodeling of older ones, has become a highly specialized profession. Your seleciton of a golf course architect may well be the most important step in the entire project.

A professionally-designed golf course reflects the training and experience of the architect, and is a recreational treasure that will challenge and delight golfers for decades. A course with faulty design and construction can leave you with:

Golf course designs cannot be approached simply as an exercise in landscape architecture. Only with a thorough knowledge of the game of golf can the architect develop a true understanding of strategy, shot value, limitations of players and equipment and realistic design possibilities.

Members of the American Society of Golf Course Architects have a working knowledge in all areas crucial to your project:

Golf course architecture is a specialized field. Each new project requires solutions for specific challenges of earth moving, drainage, pond or lake design, irrigation, water supply, conservaton of trees and ecological considerations. For these reasons, fees for professional service are at relatively higher levels than those which might be applicable for standard architectural or engineering work.

Source: ASGCA Golf Sourcebook