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Owner Provided Informations and Services

  1. Surveys
    1. Boundary Survey
    2. Topographic Survey
    3. Wetlands Survey
    4. Archaeology Investigation/Report
    5. Endangered Species Investigation/Report (if required by permitting agencies)
    6. Environmental Audit (required by Lending Institutions)
  2. Services by Other Consultant
    1. Civil Engineering
      1. Storm Drainage, water and sewer design and permitting
      2. NPDES (Erosion and sedimentation) design and permitting
      3. Water well for irrigation system backup, if required.
    2. Surveying
      1. Boundary and topographic surveys.
      2. Wetland survey of delineated points by wetland consultants.
      3. Stake golf hole centerlines and set elevation benchmarks in the field.
      4. Stake golf hole corridor lines, easements and cart access ways, as required.
      5. Final plat of golf course and subdivision plats, as required.
    3. Wetland Consultants:
      1. Wetland delineation.
      2. Consultation on wetland values, impacts and water quality.
      3. Permit(s) for wetlands alterations, if required.
    4. Archaeologists
      1. Archaeological reconnaissance survey in accordance with State Dept. of Archives and History standards.
      2. Additional research, if required, and preparation of MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) with Dept. of Archives and History.
    5. Biologist
      1. Endangered species reconnaissance survey for endangered and threatened plants and animals to satisfy U.S. and State Fish and Wildlife Departments.
    6. Architect
      1. Golf Clubhouse design.
      2. Golf Maintenance building design.
      3. Golf cart storage building design.
      4. Golf Irrigation Pumphouse building design.
    7. Landscape Architect
      1. Landscape and irrigation designs
      2. Signage design.
      3. Site features design.
    8. Environmentalist
      1. Chemical and Fertilizer Studies
      2. Best Management Practices
      3. Integrated Pest Management