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Professional Code of Ethics - American Society of Golf Course Architects

Ethical, responsible, professional behavior not from edict, but from a positive, inward force of the individual. The most effective influence toward a high ethical standard is positive, consistent, ethical actions in the practice of their profession by the members of the Society. The following articles express in general terms the professional conduct expedted of golf course architects:

  1. The golf course architect shall exert every effort toward the preservation and protection of our natural resources and toward understanding the interaction of man's economic and social systems with those resources.
  2. The golf course architect has a responsibility to reconcile and harmonize the requirements of the game of golf with man's needs, the natural systems and the natural environment.
  3. The golf course architect furthers the welfare and advancement of his/her profession by constantly striving to provide the highest level of professional services.
  4. The golf course architect shall serve his/her client or employer with integrity, understanding, knowledge and creative ability and shall respond morally and ethically to social, political, economic and technological influences.
  5. The golf course architect shall avoid unprofessional conduct and shall conform to the Guidelines for Professional Conduct of the American Society of Golf Course Architects.

Source: ASGCA Golf Sourcebook