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Golf Course Development Checklist

  1. Commission a marketing and feasibility study to make sure the golf course will be viable.
  2. Consider the source of funding for the project; required capital, financing arrangements.
  3. Assemble a team of qualified consultants for planning, golf course design, engineering, surveying, environmental and historical analysis.
  4. Address site suitability for a golf course.
  5. Explore all environmental and permitting issues.
  6. Develop preliminary layout plans, budget and design criteria.
  7. Meet with regulatory agencies prior to plan submittals to review all aspects of the project.
  8. Develop a time schedule for design, permitting, construction and opening of golf course. Don’t forget the seasonal grassing window for planting.
  9. Finalize the golf course routing and land plan.
  10. Stake out the golf course, walk the course to verify the site data and revise plans, if necessary.
  11. Develop final construction plans, specifications and details. Revisit the cost estimates for construction
  12. Apply for permits. Follow through with permitting process ASAP (this phase will hold you up).
  13. Bid or negotiate construction work with well qualified golf course contractors.
  14. Contract for construction work.
  15. Hire a qualified golf course superintendent.
  16. Start construction. Revisit time schedule if any delays have occurred.
  17. Golf course Architect will visit the site during construction to provide direction to Contractor.
  18. Monitor activities that relate to permits. (erosion control, environmental items)
  19. Complete construction and grow in the course. Make sure all permits have been complied with otherwise this may delay the course opening.
  20. Prepare the course for play.
  21. Open for play.