Purpose of the ASGCA

The American Society of Golf Course Architects is comprised of leading golf course designers in the United States and Canada. These golf course architects, who are involved in the design of new courses and renovation of older courses, bring years of experience to every project. Members of the American Society of Golf Course Architects, by virtue of their knowledge of the game, training, experience, vision and inherent ability, are in all ways qualified to design and prepare specifications for a course of functional and aesthetic perfection. ASGCA members are further qualified to execute and oversee the implementation of plans and specifications to create an enjoyable layout that challenges golfers of all abilities and exemplifies the highest standards and traditions of golf. ASGCA members will counsel in all phases of the work to protect the best interest of the client.

Each member of the American Society of Golf Course Architects in engaged primarily in the practice of golf course architecture, and his/her qualifications have satisfied the ASGCA Board of Governors in all respects.

Source: ASGCA Golf Sourcebook